Data, AI and IT support for your

We provide consulting services to make (re)insurers, brokers and insurtech more efficient, accurate and scalable.


Fill the gap between trade and tech

Our expertise fosters innovation and collaboration between business and IT teams while ensuring robustness and continuity of projects.

Business value as key driver

We advocate for a technology usage that supports business purpose and people.

Pragmatic and cost-cutting

We make developments as simple as possible and streamline infrastructure integrations.

Best IT standards

We adhere to market standards that guarantee best coding, testing and security practices.

Transparent and accessible

We create solutions, metrics and documentations that you can understand, follow and trust.

State of the art AI

We follow AI open sources initiatives, tools, startups to ensure up-to-date technologies.

Human above all

We give importance to people onboarding, communication, change management.


Know-how that drives modernisation

We have developed competencies to assist the value creation in insurance, from prototyping and strategising to production release and monitoring.

Data collection

• Web parsing
• Identification and collection of open data
• Aggregation and standardisation of APIs
• Synthetic data generation (tabular, textual)

Data engineering

• Data quality analysis and outlier detection
• Modelling for data imputation
• Feature engineering for Natural Language Processing and Computer Vision
• Data preparation and transcodification

Data governance

• Internal policies (rules, process, roles)
• Technical and business controls
• Data flows and database management
• Data catalog creation and dashboard


• PoC in Natural Language Processing, Computer Vision, Time Series, Geo Learning
• Machine Learning for pricing, reserving, claims analysis
• Low-code project development

Machine Learning at scale

• Model integration and ML engineering
• MLOps strategy set up, metrics definition
• Feedback systems design, active learning
• Deep Learning advanced study and interpretability

Model test & audit

• Uncertainty of models and adversarial data
• Model testing and poisoning
• Cartography of models for audit
• Federated learning framework

Data integration

• Use of new types of data (geo, text, images) to enhance reserving, pricing, modelling
• Data augmentation (tabular, unstrutured) for stress-tests, privacy tasks
• Database creation, connection to APIs to sustain actuarial tools
• Regulatory requirements production, control automation, reports and policies definition

Model improvement

• Machine Learning for claim management, pricing sophistication, individual reserving, capital modelling, biometric or behaviour predictions, natural catastrophes and emergent risks study.
• Time Series forecasting using Deep Learning for weather index, financial scenarios
• Bayesian Neural Networks for uncertainty model study

IT facilitation

• Tech advice (architecture, IT follow-up) and daily coding support
• Project optimisation (coding, computing, delivery automation, testing)
• Migration (Excel, Access, SAS to web app, APIs)
• Containerisation and deployment, cloud services copilot and maintenance

Migration & diagnostic

• Analysis of legacy code, existing systems
• Feedback report, technical specifications, proposal of actionable recommendations
• Project management, cost analysis, retro-plannification

Front & Back dev

• Stack definition and architecture
• Backend development and REST APIs
• Serverless architecture configuration
• Progressive web app design and development
• Database integration
• Machine Learning models integration and interface
• Unit and End-to-end testing


• Code and architecture improvement
• Software security review
• Unit and End-to-end tests automation
• Software compliance automation and control
• Development guidelines and methodology review


• Analysis of existing infrastructure
• Proposal of actionable recommendations
• Migration of existing elements to the cloud

Build, Network & Security

• Build and improvement of infrastructures for a project or a dedicated team
• Management of networking constraints and link between on-premise and cloud networks
• Securing of infrastructures


• Management and monitoring of live infrastructures, preset regular support
• Intervention in the event of an accident, recovery plan
• Cost follow up, improvement proposals


Who we are

We are tech lovers who grew up in the insurance and risk management industries. We work as a team with commitment, responsiveness and discipline.


ML Engineer & Actuary


ML/Software Engineer & Cloud Architect


Data Engineer & Actuary


Our experience

With more than twelve years of experience in actuarial science, data science and computer science, we have developed projects that cover the whole insurance value chain.


Reinsurance treaties key info extraction NLP

Automation of the extraction of key criteria from reinsurance treaties and transcodification to a standard referencial


Search engine for knowledge management NLP

Indexation and semantic search of thousands of documents to explore financial reports, terms and conditions documents, contracts


Tree detection for drought risk modelling Vision

Training of a Deep Forest model with LidarHD, BD Ortho aerial images to detect trees around buildings for drought risk feature engineering


Report analysis for cyber risk personal line pricing ML

Entities extraction, text cleaning and classification. Machine Learning model for severity prediction and personal line pricing for cyber risk


AI training platform for actuaries Software

E-learning content creation related to Machine Learning and coding. Development and deployment of a platform for online courses and live coding


Underwritting policies rules automation Software

Rules parameterisation based on natural language, development of a web app to present the results as a data visualisation dashboard for internal control and underwriting rules evaluation


Motor severe physical injury claims study ML

Data preparation, visualisation and large claims modelling using Supervised Machine Learning for reserving purpose. Web app development for customers


Life reinsurance pricing tool migration Software

B2B pricing web app for life reinsurance portfolio with dashboard, quoting workflow, etc


Technical reinsurance accounting analysis Software

Brokers technical accounting analysis automation. From unstructured to structured data for control automation and storage

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We have worked with great insurance, reinsurance, brokerage firms worldwide, but also tech and consulting companies, universities and research labs.

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